Sunday, 5 February 2017

When karma fails at least I have the Smiths

If poetic justice
Worked properly,
Then vicious officials everywhere
Would get their share
Of misery.
Their lives would be ruled
By even pettier fools
Who fill them with dread.
They aren’t, but at least I have
The Queen is Dead

Or if karma was
Then the bullies who tormented me
And made me lose sight of who I might be
Would live their lives
With less certainty,
And a lot more doubt.
They don’t, but at least I have
There is a Light that Never Goes Out.

And if karma was more
Than an initially appealing religious concept,
Then few would live in poverty except
Those who misuse their power over other people’s lives,
And for whom the word “elite” is an awful misnomer.
It isn’t, but at least I have
Girlfriend in a Coma.