Sunday, 22 March 2015

All Grown Up

As a grown-up
(Or as grown up as I’ll ever be)
I should know that there are books
That I might never read.
And that 6 pints is too many
And 2 not enough
And that I already have
A lot of stuff.
And that a shouted heckle
Isn’t funny or daring
And that no-one (or hardly anyone)
Is impressed by swearing.
And as a grown-up
I should realise
That eating that many Jaffa Cakes
Really isn’t wise.
I should know when a rule
Is OK to break,
And I should be able to talk to you
Without starting to shake.
And I should know that the feeling I get when I see you -
That heart-thumping dizziness
That I can’t quite subdue -
Is merely the product of some hormone or other
Or a temporary insanity
From which I’ll recover.

I should know all these things
And one day,
I will.

© 2015 Lucy Peacock

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